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VIRTUAL ORGANIZING is a convenient way to work remotely with a professional organizer to declutter a space while social distancing.

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Steps for Virtual Organizing

  1. Call for a free phone consultation. (15-20 minutes) 
  • We will discuss your current situation and your organizing goals. During the call we can decide what you want to work on.  It could be a section of your desk, a few drawers in the kitchen, a part of a closet, or a specific cabinet in the bathroom.  Then we will book a Virtual Organizing session based on your schedule and needs.
  1. How it Works?
  • During the Virtual Organizing sessions, you will use a smartphone or tablet to connect with me through FaceTime, Skype, WebEx, or Zoom.
  • You will show me your areas in your house/office you want to organize. I will share customized solutions; discuss a basic action plan, and give expert organizing tips/suggestions on how to improve your space to help you achieve your individual organizing goals.
  • The planning/strategy sessions last 30 or 60 minutes.
  • “Hands-on” organizing sessions are a minimum of 2 hours. (you physically start the decluttering process with me there as your virtual coach)
  • At the end of the call you will have an action plan with next steps.
  1. Benefits
  • Less expensive than in person organizing.
  • Flexible scheduling.
  • Retention of organizing skills is at a higher level because you’re doing the organizing work.
  • Less intrusive and work at your own pace.
  • Accountability and support via text or email.
  1. Who should try Virtual Organizing?
  • You are physically able to do hands-on organizing yourself.
  • You are an organized and creative person that likes to DIY but maybe lack focus or feel overwhelmed about where to start.
  • You would like suggestions/input in choosing the best organizing products.
  • You need accountability and recognize the importance of hiring a professional to keep you on task.
  • You are self-motivated to finally get your space organized but need the guidance of a professional organizer!
  1. Availability
  • Monday through Saturday 8am to 8pm.

Virtual organizing may be just what you need to acquire the accountability, step by step instruction, and scheduled time for getting your home and life organized.

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