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“Although Amy calls herself an organizer, what I found her service most helpful for was identifying the underlying psychology of disorganization. Yes, I had lots (and lots and lots) of stuff, but why? I learned much more about myself and how my mind operates. Phrases that Amy has said to me (“Can you let it go?” and “If that’s all you had on your plate, you could totally do that, but you already have so much to do…..”). What I “let go of” most transformatively was this fantasy person I had imagined myself to be all these years. With Amy’s help, I came to realize that I just didn’t have that type of lifestyle where I could devote copious amounts of time and energy separating the used coffee grounds from the plastic Keurig K-cups, for instance. I’m still coming to terms with that, haha.”

~AC, Teacher

“I got a bit of pushback from my other half for spending the money on “something we can do ourselves.” But the truth is that I don’t think I could have done this myself. I am not naturally organized and I don’t think in terms of clever groupings — Amy does. After the organizing was done with, my resident skeptic actually said these words: “The kitchen is awesome! I take back what I said before. Whatever you paid for this was worth it.”

~EB, Executive Coach

Clean Drawer

“We are a growing organization and the coaching that Amy provided is EXACTLY what we needed to better approach organization today and be ready for tomorrow. Most importantly she is changing our mindset as to how we approach the management of supplies and space. Those responsible for facilities management are excited about their new skills and strategies and the entire team feels greater ownership. The value of this is extraordinary and will save time and money as we move forward.

~Shara Fisler, Executive Director, Ocean Discovery Institute


“When I added another component to my ever growing business Amy came in and worked with the organizational methods I had established yet she helped me create even better methods for organizing my paperwork. She also aided me in problem solving the space challenges that I had with my home based business. Her attention to detail and her ability to maximize my space was invaluable!

~Jaime Tower, Business Entrepreneur, MELT Instructor


“When Amy and I first talked about her love of helping people get organized, I confessed I would be too embarrassed for her to see the 24 years of disorderly accumulation wedged into my sewing room. “I don’t judge,” she said simply. And she doesn’t. She comes in with enthusiasm and humor and quickly assesses what needs to be done. She facilitates the weeding process gently but firmly, at the same time determining what should go where for maximum convenience, efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. My sewing room is now a sanctuary. Everything is easily identifiable & accessible. There is room to breathe along with room to work. I am forever grateful to Amy, both for the sewing room transformation and for giving me the nudge to apply what I learned working with her to other parts of my house and life.”

~CH, retired teacher


I was beginning to think that my family had outgrown our house! Piles of paper greeted me on every flat surface. It was driving me crazy. I had already heard about Amy’s amazing organizing skills from a friend. We started organizing a drawer of bathroom supplies, and Amy taught me her system for organizing. She was professional and compassionate in her approach. As I got the hang of things she adjusted the pace so we could move quickly to cover more territory. I was able to apply what I learned from Amy to drawers in the dining room and kitchen.

We moved on to closets. In the beginning we could not see the floor, and we could not see the ceiling, the closets were so full. Amy helped me sort through our things. We were able to organize the entire closet using the hangars and storage tools I already had on hand. In fact, we ended up clearing out so much stuff I have bins to spare. Now things in our home have a place, and my family knows where they go. I am plotting my next Organizing with Amy project: the home office!

~CM, Senior Executive, Cisco Finance


If you know me, you know this is a miracle on 64th St!!! Thank you to my amazing professional organizer Amy D Carstensen. Amy and I worked on my garage on 4 separate occasions to declutter my garage. I can now park my car in the garage. I never thought that could have happened. The original plan was just the garage which was a huge undertaking in and of itself, but eventually I had Amy help me with the rest of the house. Amy doesn’t just organize you, she helps you think through what’s really important and helps design systems and provide solutions so that I am able to keep things up now that we are done. She has made my life so much easier!

Katy O, Before & After

Amy was kind, compassionate, non-judgmental and incredibly skilled at seeing ways to make things work that I never could have figured out on my own. Amy is a great coach and has a wonderful sense of humor. Her passion for what she does shines through.

~Katy O, Teacher


Yelp Reviews

Yelp reviews

WOW! We had 5,500 square feet of STUFF to move into a 3,100 square foot space and 4 storage pods, too. This was no easy task and I was over it. I called Amy because I was exhausted and just didn’t have the time to keep at it. Our stuff would’ve stayed in storage forever…which would’ve cost far more than what I paid Amy. These are the things you need to know about Organizing With Amy:

1. She is well-worth her cost- which is not that ridiculous to begin with.
2. She takes your donations away for you- instant gratification.
3. She does heavy lifting. She is STRONG. She organized my garage in a flash!
4. She’s not afraid of hard work, messy work, office work–you name it, Amy is awesome at it!
5. Most of all, her systems don’t just look better, they actually FUNCTION for the long-term.
6. She’s honest, ethical, prompt and efficient.
7. If you struggle with clutter, organizing, AD/HD, paperwork, etc…Amy WILL help you!
8. My life is so much better because of her work.

~Jackie C
San Diego CA | 5 stars


I was trying to describe Amy to a friend yesterday, and I explained that “having Amy come in is like having a very calm therapist in your home, working through the clutter, both in your mind and environment.”

My home is in order. (A few months ago I couldn’t imagine this.) everything has its place, and there is a process for stuff coming in and stuff going out. Best of all, my eight year old also knows where EVERYTHING goes. It is clear and labeled. Cleaning his room takes less than 5 minutes, FOR HIM, and there is absolutely no confusion. Also, when I say, “time to tidy up,” the task is totally undaunting, I don’t get the argument that I used to, before Amy.

You will never feel judged, and Amy is tireless. I cannot recommend her enough.

~Michelle S
San Diego CA | 5 stars


My daughter had her house organized by Amy, so when her dad and i recently downsized, she gave us four hours with AMY as a housewarming present. I have always organized my own house when we have moved previously, so didn’t think I needed it, but after Amy came and redid my pantry and other places that were hard for me to organize, I couldn’t believe the great results achieved in such a shot while, so…. I booked her for TWELVE MORE!! I cannot tell you the difference this woman made in my life. Hours saved of my precious time, and the house being improved not only visibly but with functionality all more than anyone could ever dream possible!! We just finished with her contract (price per hour goes down when booking a contract or more hours) and all I have done since is sing her praises!!. At first, I thought her services were a high price, but having a house that WORKS, not just for me and my husband, but for everyone coming to our house I realized it was a great investment. Things in our house are clearly marked and separated and easy to find.. Not only in the kitchen, but our closets and laundry room are easier to use, as when everyone knows where to put things away, the house stays cleaner. Also, when Amy pulled everything out of the cabinets and closets to put them back correctly, I realized I had bought more than one food item or cleaning product etc, all because I couldn’t see that I already had one. That will not happen anymore. Working with Amy over the hours, it was pleasurable and she constantly asked me how I did things, and what worked for me in using the areas of my house. She then helped reorganize them to make the functionality effective. All time saving for me as well. The money was an investment up front, but will be paying off in the future, as I enjoy our new house even more now that it is well organized.

~Linda F
La Jolla CA | 5 stars


Amy helped me organize my home office space. It was so overwhelming to go near those piles. She was exceptional at helping me realize how much was just clutter that needed to see the trash or recycle bin. I continue to use the tools I learned for others areas in my home that need organizing. Thank you Amy!

~Pilar P
LaMesa CA | 5 stars


I am a busy mom who loves to be organized but I have other priorities in my life. Amy helped me with not only moving into my new house but also designed systems of organization for kids (homework, art projects , sports equipment, Legos), husband, dogs, kitchen, craft room, laundry, bathrooms and the list goes on! She was so dependable and honest and even went and found the CUTEST storage accessories for everything. I now have her back at least once a month to keep the kids and I in check!

~ Marjaneh M
San Diego CA 5 stars


Amy is amazing. I hired her to help me organize my home office space — what she calls my “moneymaker.” Which is true. It’s important for my livelihood to have this space be functional! There were piles of paper I was afraid to touch, from 2 years ago or more. And lots of stuff that didn’t even belong in my office. It made me anxious just to be in that space.

With patience and persistence, Amy worked with me to establish order and systems, so that now my office is a place of peace and order. I learned how to keep it that way, which amazes me! I’m older, and used to making notes with paper and pencil. I had to-do reminders everywhere — just adding to my anxiety.

Amy coached me to store everything (notes, phone numbers, calendar reminders, passwords) on my iPhone. My first impulse is still to reach for paper and pencil, but I’m learning. I have my phone with me wherever I go, and it’s always there with all the info I need. No more little scraps of paper everywhere! Thank you, Amy! I recommend her to anyone who needs help functioning in this maelstrom that is modern life! Five stars!

~ Diana S
San Diego CA | 5 stars


Amy worked with me on organizing the kitchen. She was thorough and understanding. She made the whole operation fun and painless. Six months after completing the organization of the kitchen we moved. What a god send that kitchen organization turned out to be. What might have been the most difficult room to move turned out to be the easiest. Everything was already sorted and organized. No more decisions to be made. We just moved the things into the boxes and into the equivalent cupboards in the new place.

~Suzanne M
San Diego CA | 5 stars


Amy helped me with the very difficult situation of moving into a space that also contained the possessions of my mother, who had recently passed away. Beyond assisting in recycling, donating and storing my Moms former possessions, she helped myself and my partner move our things into a space that was considerably smaller.

The biggest help was just having her come at a set time and keep me focused. It is so easy to become distracted when you are organizing. Also, her realistic approach to objects and their purpose in your life is enlightening and freeing. All she had to do was stand next to me and I would be able to let go of things.

Other than that? Highly recommend you invest the money in your own freedom and happiness.

Thanks Amy!

~Craig H
San Diego CA | 5 stars


Before working with Amy, over the past 10 years our organization had become hoarders of old technology and supplies. As a non-profit organization we would hold on to things in the hopes that we could use it in the future or repurpose it in some way. We found ourselves out of space and were considering purchasing additional storage sheds. Luckily, we found Amy and with her wonderful insight we were able to transform from an organization that doesn’t just function but one that thrives. We were able to re-assess and optimize our spaces by setting realistic goals and expectations and downsizing our excess items. Not only did she help us create an efficient organizational strategy, she was willing to “get down and dirty” by physically purging our old and outdated technology and other items we had been stock piling. Thank you Amy for slimming us down and increasing efficiency. It feels great!

Our technology cabinet was very cluttered before, but now its neat and organized. Wonderful!

~Ema T
San Diego CA | 5 stars


I am one of those chronically disorganized people. It was really affecting my life and I wanted to make a change. I had read lots of books and blogs and articles on how to declutter. I had gone to “how to declutter” classes. I had made resolutions and written plans. I even went to counseling over it. I was extremely motivated but frustrated that I couldn’t make organizing happen for me in my life.

Through the years I have hired quite a number of organizers in my quest for space, sanity and peace of mind. With the exception of one, they have all been more or less effective. The problem is cost as well as how I felt during the process and afterward. Cost is self explanatory. It’s a lot of money to hire someone vs. doing it yourself or having a friend help you out. The feeling during the process is one of embarrassment, discomfort and exhaustion. I often just want to run and hide while they were there. Constant decision making and being asked “Where does this go?” wiped me out.

But at some point the pain of being overwhelmed with clutter surpasses the perceived pain of spending money to have someone come work with you on your stuff. I also re-learned that I had adult ADHD so I slowly came to the realization that I was likely not going to be able to pull myself out of this predicament by myself only. So it was with this mindset that I contacted Amy.
I explained to her I recently realized and accepted that I have ADHD and needed help and was very motivated to work on my house.

And so she and I started. Wow. She changed my environment and therefore my life. I can’t thank her enough. I don’t know if it was because I was in a place where I was more willing to accept help and work on my clutter issues (I doubt it – I was always very motivated in the past) or because Amy is special and just understood how to interact with someone like me (much more likely) but it was a hugely successful collaboration between the two of us. I learned so much from her as we worked together and had a good time doing it too. Usually after four hours of working with an organizer I can’t wait until they get the heck out of my home and I am so exhausted. With her, I didn’t feel that way. It was hard work but it was uplifting work. I didn’t feel like I never wanted to see her again like I did in the past with many other organizers.
I saw how she worked and I trusted her and had confidence in her. I could tell she was giving serious thought to my space and my home and thinking up solutions.

One breakthrough came when she did the garage. Oh my goodness. You know you’ve arrived when your garage is organized!! That’s something only organized people have! It changed the way I looked at myself. Previously it was jam packed with stuff and housed all the stuff we didn’t know what to do with. Our kids would refuse to go in there because it was so scary. Now, they love traipsing in there to get to the freezer there and grab waffles or frozen treats.

So it’s been months since she’s been here and done the several sessions we had together. I’d love to say my place looks better and better since she’s been here but the truth is I wasn’t able to progress further than she left me. BUT, I’ve not gotten any worse either!! That’s huge. In fact, that’s never happened before. It’s still good in all the areas she’s worked on. Enough so that I’ve started working on other areas of my life and as a result, decluttering hasn’t been as big a focus for me as it once was.

Also, we are moving. Something we would wanted to do for a long time but felt unable to because of the overwhelm with clutter. But after her help, we could go on with our lives instead of being distracted or stopped by disorganization and one of the things we realized is we really need to move to be closer to my husband’s work. And so it’s happening! I don’t believe it could have happened if we were still in the physical disaster that was our home several months back.

So if you are considering an organizer to help you with your clutter, I can’t make a higher recommendation than Amy as an organizer. She is kind, understanding, effective and efficient.

Life is about living and if clutter is holding you back from living life the way you know it could be, then invest in getting help. I had no friends that could help. I had a mental block about spending the money. And past organizers from years ago left me at a place where I felt a bit violated and regretful for some of the things they made me get rid of or they left me with a mess of boxes to go through that I never did. But I had none of that with Amy. She was able to make a difference in my life quickly and her rates are reasonable. Btw, how many professional organizers put their rates out there on their website? That’s another reason why I like her. Honest, open, respectful of your time and your space. If you’re looking for a a way out of disorganization, give her a try.

~Lynda M
San Diego CA | 5 stars


I’d planned to organize my closet and my son’s bedroom for years, but just never got around to it. A friend told me about her success with Amy and I decided to give it a try. Amy gets right to business, doesn’t waste time, guides you in making wise decisions on how to organize, gives great tips for keeping the area organized and leaves one feeling energized with all the work that’s been accomplished in such a short time. We did my closet last Spring; it still looks as good as the day she was here because of the tips she gave me to keep it that way. We organized my 8 year old son’s room yesterday – he was thrilled when he saw what we had done. All of his Lego’s, Pokemon cards, and other crazy toys have homes, we got rid of tons of junk that will never be missed, and it makes him feel better about his space. I only wish I hadn’t waited so long. Next on my list, the pantry, the laundry room and my office. Thank you Amy!

~Susan F
San Diego CA | 5 stars

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