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Professional Organizer Amy Carstensen knows firsthand the everyday challenges of juggling today’s high-octane, overbooked lives and the importance an organized home and workplace plays in relieving that stress. As an Executive Director of a San Diego nonprofit organization, she oversaw a 6-acre garden and science education program while raising her two sons. She has a Master’s in International Relations from UC San Diego and Bachelor’s in Spanish from CSU, Chico. A certified bilingual teacher who has worked internationally, she is a good listener, flexible and a problem solver. She hones her talents by attending national conferences for professional organizers to learn the trade’s best practices to pass along to clients.

As the executive director of a nonprofit and a teacher, Amy learned to customize organization to different needs and personalities. As a professional organizer, Amy can:

  • Bring energy and enthusiasm to every project
  • Guide you through a difficult situation
  • Encourage you or lean on you at the appropriate moments
  • Help you figure out what to keep, toss, or donate, and organize what remains

Ready to get organized?

Long-lasting organization in your home or office.

Organizing with Amy will simplify life for accomplished professionals, busy families and retirees.

Organized Kitchen
Organized Office
Organized Toy Room


“I got a bit of pushback from my other half for spending the money on “something we can do ourselves.” But the truth is that I don’t think I could have done this myself. I am not naturally organized and I don’t think in terms of clever groupings — Amy does. After the organizing was done with, my resident skeptic actually said these words: “The kitchen is awesome! I take back what I said before. Whatever you paid for this was worth it.”

~EB, Executive Coach

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