How to Make a New House Feel Like Your Home

By Natalie Jones
Guest Writer

Buying a home is an exciting part of your life, and with the move comes even more exciting events. It’s not often that you move into a home that is exactly what you want. Even a custom-built home still needs decorations to make it fully yours. If you’ve recently moved into a new place, here are some tips to make your shell of a house feel like a home.


Before you start prettifying your home, it probably could use some work. You can go big like adding on a room or garage, but it might not be cost-effective if you’ve just cleared out your savings for the down payment. In San Diego, California, the average price to renovate or repair a home is between $8,866 and $22,000, so make a budget and see what you can afford.

There are many more ways to touch up your home to your liking without having to demolish walls, such as replacing cabinets and hardware, installing new countertops and tile, adding shelves, changing lighting, hanging up new curtains, laying down new carpet, painting the walls and doors, replacing pipes and air conditioner units, and buying new appliances. You don’t need to do all of these things, of course, but pick a few that fit into your budget.

Installing new toilets is a must, as it lets you start fresh and clean. New sinks and tubs will also add to the “never been lived in before” feel. While you’re at it, hire a cleaning service to deep clean the house to wash away the previous tenants. Why not begin your new life stain-free with a truly royal throne?


Choose your theme and colors before you start decorating. It’s easy to walk into a store and start pulling everything that you like off the shelf, but once you get home, you’ll quickly realize that not everything goes together. Planning ahead will help you sort through what you really want so that you’re only buying what works in your home. Your wallet will thank you.


Go online for inspiration and ideas. A French-themed home might be the right call for a home with French doors. A sunroom and lots of windows might mean that your house should have a sunny, beachside theme. Maybe a modern, minimalistic style is more your speed. Make sure your home’s style reflects you and how you want to feel when you’re there. Since color has an effect on mood, room colors should be chosen carefully.

As you flesh out the feel of your home, you can make a mood board of what your house will look like. Fortunately for modern-day homeowners, Pinterest makes it easy to keep all of your looks in one place and get inspired by others. Small, affordable additions like throw rugs, placemats, and plants can make a home look comfortable and modern. Is fine art not your thing? Then you can hang plants on the wall instead. Use shelves to store books next to picture frames and vases in a fashionable, yet functional, way.


Once you’ve been living at the house for a while, some things will inevitably need to be maintained. Maybe you’re a DIY expert who needs no assistance, or maybe you don’t have the time or skills for home maintenance. It could help to hire a general contractor for your maintenance projects.

Sometimes a nice place can look ragged due to foot traffic. Regular lawn maintenance and carpet cleaning will keep your floor looking fresh. Deep cleaning, de-rusting, and pipe flushing should be done regularly to prevent buildup that could one day be too difficult to remove. Frequent cleaning and maintenance means less likelihood of having to replace things entirely. Pick a week each year to complete this checklist for home maintenance.

The difference between a house and a home is whether it feels like it belongs to you. A house is a building; a home is where you live. Turn your house into a home by making cost-effective adjustments and enhancements. Make it so that there’s no place you’d rather be than home.

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