Five Ways Podcasts Can Help You

I have to admit I’m a podcast junkie. As a business owner as a Professional Organizer, mother of two, and a wife I feel like podcasts allow me to do double duty.  What I like about podcasts is that they are Portable-On Demand (pod) recorded audio broadcasts. That means you can listen to what you want when you want.   If you are new to podcasts, I encourage you to watch a YouTube video on how to listen to a podcast.   I happen to use and prefer the app Stitcher to get my podcasts .

Here are five ways podcast can help you:

1)  Inspire or teach new organizing tips

a.  Organize 365

b.  A Slob Comes Clean

c.  The Minimalists

2)  Learn new information, stay updated with news and current events

a.  AP Radio

b.  Up First

c.   The Daily

3)  Pass the time while exercising like going for a walk, hiking or at the gym.

a.  Mom and Dad are Fighting

b.  Ear Hustle

c.  This American Life

d.  Serial

4)  Engage your children on a long road trip in the car

a.  Brains On

b.  99% Invisible

c.   The Unexplainable Disappearance of Mars Patel

5)  Entertain you and accompany you while getting through household chores like laundry, gardening, cooking and cleaning

a.  Katie Couric

b.  The Moth

c.  StartUp

So, if you haven’t tried a podcast, I encourage you to give it a try!  You may learn some new information, you may get inspired or at least be entertained all while commuting, going for a walk or organizing that junk drawer.