Can clutter be holding you back?

Clutter keeps you from getting started

Do you ever get inspired to follow a great idea and then come up with all the things you need to organize in order to do it? Having clutter and disorganization in your life means there will always be something that needs to be done before you can start something new. Want to write a book? Must clear off that desk before you can begin. Want to make that special someone a handmade greeting card? Now where did you put those fancy papers? Taking the first step is often a tipping point in attaining your goals but it is certainly harder to take that first step if there are 10 steps ahead of you.

Clutter crowds out creativity

The art of feng shui is all about space – making space for things not here yet. Having space in our life and places we inhabit allows for creativity to flow. It is natural for human beings to be creative when there is space in their lives for newness. You can’t flow if you can’t let go!

Clutter is distracting

Clutter is distracting and draining. It is a reminder of faults, procrastination and self-loathing. It shoves in your face all the projects you started but never finished, all the dreams you let slide by. It keeps you mired in your past failures or successes. Creativity requires inspiration, lightness and space for new ideas to come into.

Overwhelm makes you check out of life

Clutter causes stress and stress causes overwhelm. When human beings are in a state of overwhelm they shut down. They close in. They get by. It is not a place of inspiration, or creativity, it is a place of stagnation and hopelessness. Chaos gives us an excuse not to play and explore for who has the time with such a mess in front of you?

Clutter is a debt magnet

The cost of purchasing items, storing them and maintaining them in your life all add up. Clutter can cause you to purchase multiples of products you already own because you can’t find the original. If you can’t find those monthly bills you might get whacked by late fees. You might have so much clutter that you are renting storage space or you might be so stressed by living in clutter you are avoiding your home and eating out, or spending money on entertainment therapy just to keep you away from the mess. Misplaced checks, unused gift cards and coupons that have expired, even lost cash can all be a result of too much clutter.

So how do you keep clutter from holding you back?

Step 1 clean up your space – find a clear space to work on your project

Step 2  limit distractions – keep stuff out of your site line – ideally get rid of it remembering you are making space for something new in your life.

Step 3  inspire yourself – make sure the things that are in the room with you inspire you to be great and to go after your dreams